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Who We Are?

Youth Hub Egypt

Who We Are?

Youth Hub Egypt is the first Hub dedicated for Teens development in Egypt. Believing in the importance of Teenage phase, we Design, Initiate, Collaborate and Partner with experienced vendors to Bring for our Teens innovative programs in different fields, All in One Place !  Building A Thinker, Changemaker, Initiator & Innovative Generation is Our Goal.


Youth Hub Egypt

A Place Where Your Teen Can Grow !

Youth Hub
We support our Teens to:
  • Discover their Passion for their Future Careers from early stage.
  • Build their Characters through engaging them in interactivities activities.
  • Try and Get Exposed to different opportunities and activities; so they Find out their True Interests & skills from early stage.
  • Use their time in valuable activities that will impact their personalities instead of their long wasted time on mobiles.

 Moreover, our objective is to support parents, find for their youngers varied & valuable activities all in one place to facilitate their lives within their extreme busy schedules. 

Building a Change maker, Thinker, Initiator generation is our GOAL… 

 Through Youth Hub Egypt we aim to provide a place where our Teens can DEVELOP and GROW!

To achieve our GOAL,

We work on Designing, finding, selecting and hosting the best in the market that can develop our Teens!

What we Do?

Connect entities (ie: Schools, Clubs, Youth entities) with outstanding programs and activities conducted  by our wide pool of vendors and trainers  network.

We Host & Act as “Location Partner” for selective companies, startups and Freelancers who work on Teens and Youth development  projects in varied sectors.  

We support these youth projects through providing them a set of essential services that secure their existence and business growth: ie,

We conduct a variety of impactful trainings and activities for youth and teenagers. We do this through designing our programs as well as collaborating with selective freelancers who have outstanding curriculums and programs.

Our Team

Mrs. Ingy Amin

Founder & Director

Mrs. Ingy Amin Mohamed:

She has more than 20 years of experience in development field, where she worked in many development institutions (such as the British Council, Ashoka Foundation, Association for the Advancement and Development of Women, etc.) through which she worked in many development programs (example: Entrepreneurship, eradication of illiteracy, homeless children, creative economy , etc.)

Dr. Khaled Moh Khaled


Dr. Khaled Mohamed Khaled:

He has more than 25 years of experience in the banking sector, where he worked in many banks ecosystems and Divisions, in addition to his academic DBA degree in Financial inclusion for youth and wide experience and teaching in banking sciences.



I Really enjoyed the course.


Amazing Place.


I liked it so much.


A giant and purposeful place. Thank you, Madam Angie Amin.


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